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Comments on Planned Parenthood…or the lack thereof.

Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago recently said before, those opposed to the death penalty need to honestly admit its reasonableness since doing so will strengthen their position.

‘Africa Will Save the Family’

“I have absolute confidence in the faith of the African people, and I am sure Africa will save the family. Africa saved the Holy Family (during the Flight to Egypt); and in these modern times, Africa will also save the human family.”2 Thus says Cardinal Robert Sarah…I’ve seen a few things he has been putting out and I’m honestly becoming more and more a fan of both him and the African Bishops. These guys really care about living the faith and standing in the truth of Christ. They aren’t interested in it like Western society tends to be – as an academic exercise. They have seen the beauty and the blessings of Christ’s love first hand. There are a couple books coming out soon or recently published, so keep an eye out for him.

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1Fr. Raymond de Souza. National Catholic Register

It is Zane's great love of writing and of thinking that brought him to this site; he is truly a lover of wisdom. Though his thoughts are generally unimpressive, he still seeks to write and understand truth. He heard once that being a writer means simply being someone who writes. They might be a lousy writer, but they are a writer none-the-less by nature of their actions. Zane hopes this adage holds true for philosophy as well, for Zane will happily settle being a lousy writer and a poor philosopher until the day he dies. His wife, on the other hand, might not.

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