“We cannot avoid philosophy. To attempt to show that one can avoid philosophy is itself philosophy”. – Anthony Rizzi

The purpose of this site is to apply philosophical reasoning to today’s issues and controversies through the medium of discourse. The arguments and dialogues found on this site are meant to be thought provoking. People need to be freed from the slavery of apathy and from the idiocy of unthinking obedience to the news media, the government, or to anyone for that matter. Thinking, true thinking, is essential for the prosperity of our communities and of our nation. Without reason, chaos reigns free and society crumbles.

This site will discuss both universal principles themselves and how to apply those principles to particular issues. As much as possible, dialogue will be kept in a quasi-Socratic style. Concepts from great thinkers throughout the world’s history will be foundational to every discussion and proving of one’s points through reason is paramount. Further, local interviews will be conducted to help bring clarity to local politics and controversies.

Perhaps most importantly, this site is a place where the uninformed can get informed. All too often, you might disagree with another person and know that their argument is intrinsically flawed, but, due to lack of preparation, you have no way to diffuse them. This site seeks to be a training ground of argument; to prepare the unprepared to fight for the truth in their everyday lives.

As our world slips further into chaos, you might wonder what to do. Can one person make an impact on the global issues? Can I do anything? Yes! And, it starts at home. It starts in your family, in your community, and in your towns. These are all places that you and I have a direct and immediate impact. We might not yet be able to change things in Washington, D.C., but we can change them in our towns. And, if we can change our homes, we can change our nation and our world.