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Now it is Your Turn, Arkansas

Awaking early this morning, I was greeted with this line: “Arkansas lawmakers approve a religious freedom bill similar to the one recently passed in Indiana that critics say would allow businesses and others to legally discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation.”1 Being April Fool’s Day, I optimistically hoped that the blurb was a joke; sadly, it was not. While I was glad to hear about Arkansas’s prudent move to defend our First Amendment rights, I take great issue with the media’s constant portrayal that doing so constitutes immoral “discrimination.”

As I wrote just a few days ago, why is religious freedom equated to discrimination? Why does our media spin a tale that these laws would “allow businesses and others to legally discriminate”? Have they critically examined these laws and found them defective? More to the point, have they even looked at the laws at all? For them, “discrimination” is intolerable, yet they themselves discriminate against the vast majority when they push their agenda and assault any who disagree, especially if they who disagree do so to protect their freedom of religion . In contrast to their one-sided view of discrimination, I agree with what Nick San Souci said in his recent article. “And if one is to use their reason, then one must also be prepared to discriminate, or, if you will, to make distinctions, since thought is impossible to exercise if one fails to make even the most rudimentary distinctions.”2

So, unlike the mainstream news outlets that seem to push their agenda of disinformation, I recommend you get informed. Here is a link to Arkansas’s HB 1228. This is the version of the bill currently on the Governor’s desk. Hopefully Governor Hutchinson will not succumb to public opinion – even the opinion of those like Wal-Mart’s CEO Doug McMillon – and sign the bill into law as he already stated he will do.

Though the assault will be unrelenting, it is now your turn to be slandered by the media firestorm. But, more importantly, it is now your turn, Arkansas, to defend your citizens’ First Amendment rights. May you persevere in doing so.

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