Life Issues

A Chance To Take the Culture of Death Head On

On Thursday, March 26th at 8am the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear a bill to prohibit physician assisted suicide in Montana. This is it. This is our last chance as citizens to make our voices heard, and to exercise our right and duty to stand up and actively promote Christ’s Gospel by bringing a message of hope and life.

Life should always be protected and celebrated. That is why those in favor of suicide have the task of proving their position tenable. Due to the fact that personal autonomy and freedom is often the lowest common denominator in many Montanans minds, pro assisted suicide advocates make the case that my “choice” should be protected period – no matter what that choice entails.

Because our opponents spin this issue as a personal rights issue and believe they should have the full control of their death, the tragic but not surprising attitude is since we have the legal authority to end pre-born life, fragile life at the other end of the spectrum should logically be given the same legal ‘liberties’. Liberty and freedom have been co-opted by the culture of death to mean, “My body, my choice”.

What does that mean for us as believers in life? We must re-present the reasons to live. The value of one’s life need not be diminished by suffering, loss of autonomy, or illness. It’s time to take a hard stand for life – share your view with the senators. This is our last chance.

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