Montana Legislative Update: February 19th, 2015

HB 477: “Providing that Physician-Assisted Suicide is against public policy and is prohibited.”1

This bill very clearly defines MT state law in regards to PAS. The House Judiciary Committee will be rendering their decision soon so please contact them here. Let them know you support HB 477 and that they should vote YES. You can track the bill here.

HB 425:”Constitutional amendment to define person”

HB 425, which defines person as being any stage of human development including the stage of fertilization or conception,2 has passed 11 to 10 in the House Judiciary Committee. This is good news, but this bill will likely encounter a great deal of resistance. The next step in the process is the second reading in the House. Please track the bill here. Tell your House representatives to vote YES to HB 425 here.

HB 370: Abolition of the Death Penalty

HB 370 passed the House Judiciary Committee 11 to 10 and has moved onto its second reading in the house. I have recently contacted the Director of Montana Catholic Conference, Matthew Brower, and he is interested in joing our discussion on the death penalty. He is wrapped up in the legislative session, but we hope to get an article from him when time allows. The bill’s progress can be tracked here. Contact your representative here.

SB 337: “Eliminate adjunct ministry licensure exemption”3

Senate Bill 337 would remove the licensing exemption for “an organization or school that is an adjunct ministry of a church incorporated in Montana.”4 Montana Family Foundation recommends that this bill be voted down as it would increase governmental control over ministries such as church camps, etc. You can track this bill here. Please tell the Senate Business and Labor Committee to vote NO here.

HB 197:”Provide for an enhanced sentence for assault on a pregnant woman”

HB 197 has been flying through the legislative process and passed the Senate Judiciary Committee 12-0 yesterday. You can track the bill here. Tell your senator to vote yes to HB 197 here.

HB 377: “Revise laws related to K-12 accreditation standards”

HB 377 has moved onto its second reading in the House after an 8 to 7 vote in the House Education Committee. Debra Lamm is the primary sponsor and is trustworthy defender of education. She is opposed to common core and the federalization of our educational system. You can read more from her site. Please contact your House representative and tell them to vote YES to HB 377 here. You can track the bill here.

HB 328: “Provide that consent is not a defense for physician assisted suicide”

HB 328 unfortunately fell 49 to 51 in its second reading in the House. Fortunately, HB 477 has picked up the torch and seeks to accomplish the same goal, but with much more clear and defined language.

Did we miss anything? Let us know at info@freedomsdiscourse.com!

1 HB 477.
2 HB 425.
3 SB 337.
4 SB 337.

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