Flag Day Prayer Service June 12th

The American Flag means many things to many people, but it cannot be divorced from God and His Providence.  The Stars and Stripes symbolizes the American ideals of “In God We Trust” and “Endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”  We ask that you join us in humble prayer as we ask God to be with The United States of America, Montana, and the world.

View of Montana State capitol in Helena

On Sunday, June 12th, from 11am-1pm, we welcome all faith backgrounds to spend time in prayer on the Capitol grounds and to view the artistic and educational Flag displays in the Rotunda.  *Update – The flag raising ceremony scheduled to take place at 12:00, noon, on the North side of the Capitol has been canceled.*

We invite pastors,  their flocks, and all who wish to honor God and the American Flag to come to the Capitol grounds anytime between 11am-1pm to pray for the following intentions:

⦁        That God may continue to guide the American nation and that we may come together united in love of Him and our hearts filled for love of others.

⦁        That our elected officials will remain committed to the religious origins of our country including the respect for life in all stages and the equal dignity of all persons.

⦁        That our youth may grow up with a love of God and country, and that they might love and respect what the American flag stands for.Picnic 1

We welcome you to bring a lunch and enjoy it on the Capitol grounds with your friends and family.  Please remember that no alcohol or firearms are allowed. *Update- Please remember that no grills, fires, etc. are allowed on Capitol grounds.*

We ask all participants to respect the beliefs of others and, so that all can pray undisturbed, no voice projection equipment is to be used; only natural voices.  This is not a formal speaking event, but a chance for faithful from all fifty six counties in Montana and elsewhere to openly share their love of God and of country which the American Flag represents.  We hope you are able to join us and prepare for National Flag Day on Tuesday, June 14th.

Flag 1*Update –  Information about the American Flag – how it is to be displayed, its history, etc. –  as well as photos of flags from around the state will be available outside on the Capitol grounds by the flag poles.  Please come by and view the displays; experts will be available to help answer questions.*

If you are a pastor and would like to find out more about holding your Sunday service at the Capitol grounds, if you have any other questions, or if you are interested in helping out next year, please contact Tony Kolnik at (406) 459-2407.

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