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Especially in the present era, technological advances have created new avenues of communication. These can be of great service to mankind, but “the Church recognizes…that men can employ these media contrary to the plan of the Creator and to their own loss.” (IM, 2) Use of the new means of communication must be guided by the laity “to instill a human and Christian spirit into these media, so that they many fully measure up to the great expectations of mankind and to God’s design.” (IM, 3)

Media should communicate that which is “proper and decent” (IM, 4) and that which is within the “bounds of justice and charity.” (IM, 4) “The Council proclaims that all must hold to the absolute primacy of the objective moral order, that is, this order by itself surpasses and fittingly coordinates all other spheres of human affairs-the arts not excepted-even though they be endowed with notable dignity.” (IM, 5)

Not only should the creators of news, media, and communication be concerned about the content, but so also should those viewers and readers of said content. “All who, of their own free choice, make use of these media of communications as readers, viewers, or listeners, have special obligations” (IM, 9) to avoid that which would cause themselves or others spiritual harm or promote evil and hinder good. Those who use media should be moderate and self-controlled in their use. To assist in these ends, a truly Catholic press should be created and encouraged. (IM, 14)

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