Happy Birthday Freedom’s Discourse

For ease of memory – and because there is likely no better day with which to share a celebration – Freedom’s Discourse will commemorate its birthday each year on Easter Sunday! Our first article was posted a bit later, on April 16th, but our website renews (i.e. we pay our bills) every year on April 4th. Plus, being so close to April 15th, it is a perfect time to for you to contribute a donation to Freedom’s Discourse that will in no way help reduce your tax liability! Exciting, I know.

In our first year, Freedom’s Discourse has seen a lot. We’ve seen racially spurred violence in Ferguson, Russia’s annexation of Crimea, assault after assault on religious freedom, and a feisty legislative session here in Montana; and we’ve covered it too! Over twelve different authors have contributed to our site for a total of sixty six articles! Though it did take us most of the year, the Freedom’s Discourse E-Newsletter started at the end of January by providing legislative updates to all subscribers. We’ve gained steam as well with ten articles in the last two weeks!

Any success we have had comes from you – our readers, writers, and supporters. We want to thank you for giving us a try this last year, spending your time with us, and we hope to keep you involved as we continue to grow. Thank you!

Happy Birthday Freedom’s Discourse!

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